Amandla Welding and Heat Treatment Solutions

AMANDLA Heating SA (Pty) Ltd. boasts a wealth of knowledge, experience and expert technique in the field of state of the art and innovative Heat Treatment Solutions, Welding Consulting and Welding Training. We also pride ourselves in supporting Small Enterprises.

Amandla Heating SA (Pty) Ltd. was borne of our extreme passion, drive, and "know how" in the Welding and Heat Treatment industry. Our experience is entrenched and refined by unrivalled industry expertise.

Forged in fire, and with our journey birthed in Heat Treatment and Welding Consulting, Amandla Heating SA addresses the dire need for specialists in the Heat Treatment and Welding industry.

Our reputation for quality workmanship, superior craft and on-time delivery is what we continually strive for.

Welding Consulting / Training

Amandla Heating SA (Pty) Ltd. offers expert welding consulting, training, and evaluation services both in-house and on-site to all industries.

Our staff have expert experience in all major welding processes. We are au fait in the art of metallurgy of welding, and offer training in welding fabrication and related technologies.

Our professionals will ensure your project stays within budget, is completed timeously and meets your project goals, with the highest level of quality.